Windthorst Federal Credit Union is proud to announce our TELLER 24/7 AUDIO RESPONSE!

Now You Can Access and Retrieve Your Financial Information 24-Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week From Any Touch-Tone Phone. Just Call (940) 423-6555.

To Access the Teller 24/7 Audio Response:

  1. Establish a Personal Identification Number (PIN) with WFCU
  2. Dial (940) 423-6555 to access system
  3. Enter Account Number followed by #
  4. Enter PIN Number
  5. Follow the Prompts

An Audio Response Enrollment Application and Electronic Banking Agreement and Disclosure can be completed at the credit union office or print out an application here. You will need Acrobat Reader, a quick download, to view this application. A PIN must be established prior to accessing Teller 24/7. Transfers can be performed on any eligible suffix under any member number owned by you or for which you are a joint owner. These transfer accounts must also be established with WFCU prior to making transfers to different member numbers.