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Reality Fair 2023 Midway and Windthorst ISD

On May 3, 2023 we brought a little “reality” to the Seniors of Midway and Windthorst ISD.

The “Reality Fair” is a simulation of an adult’s financial life that provides these graduating seniors with an interactive experience for making real world financial decisions and managing money.

The students choose a partner and are provided an occupation, income, and a child. The budget simulation requires the students to make many decisions about housing, transportation, child care, personal care, etc.. Our goal as the facilitator is to provide temptations for additional spending. The students are challenged to make decisions of wants verses needs. The challenge continues when they arrive at the Reality Wheel. The wheel, just like reality, can bring unexpected expenses or unexpected income. After making all the lifestyle decisions, students will balance their budget. Some have to come back to get the used car or rent the apartment. The goal is for the students to learn finances and show that there will always be temptations that they will face. We also stressed how important it is to build up an emergency fund and that they will face times in their life when it may become very difficult to save.

Financial empowerment is critical to social stability and credit unions are poised to do their part to develop more capable and competent citizens.

Thank you to Windthorst ISD and Midway ISD for allowing us to bring a little “Reality” to your seniors. We hope that this fair helps their future decisions easier.