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Routing # 311390438

Bonus Dividend Loan Interest Rebate

To show our heartfelt gratitude, Windthorst Federal Credit Union board of directors is pleased to announce that $400,000 in Bonus Dividends and Loan Interest Rebates will be paid to WFCU members on dividends earned on deposits and loan interest paid on loans for accounts in good standing as of December 31,2021. To ensure that you receive all of your Loan Interest Rebate, loan payments must be made by 3pm. Any payment made after 3pm will not receive rebate from that payment. Please check your December 31, 2021 quarterly statement to see the amount deposited into your share account. Thanks to all our members for your loyalty and business with Windthorst Federal Credit Union. May you enjoy a Blessed Christmas Season! Call the office at 940-423-6776 for more information or if you have any questions.