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2022 Reality Fair

On May 4th we held a “Reality Fair” for Windthorst and Midway ISD.

What is a Reality Fair? This is an interactive financial literacy program for students. This program provides students the opportunity to experience real life financial challenges that they will face as they become adults. Students are given a career choice, starting salary and a budget sheet. Here are a few of the items the students have to work through on their budget: Savings, transportation, housing, food, clothing and entertainment.

A big thanks to the following Volunteers for helping us make this a successful Reality Fair. Volunteers include: Gary Wolf, WFCU Board President, Ted Neeb, WFCU Board Member, Chelsie Steinberger-Ingram, WFCU Supervisory Committee, Gayle Vieth, Community Telephone, Mindy Anderle, State Farm Insurance Agent, Melanie Wolf, Wolf Insurance Agency.

“Thanks to a grant from the Foundation to purchase the BALANCED Life Bundle, we can now educate our future borrowers and savers and show our young adults that sometimes Reality is not Fair.” —    Judy Koetter, CEO, Windthorst Federal Credit Union